About Us

Coming Together

After pursuing and completing our degrees on opposite sides of the state, we finally began our lives together in Seattle. We began traveling and were inspired by the beauty of National Parks, like Crater Lake pictured above.

A Growing Family

At the start of 2020, our little family grew by one. A very furry addition to be specific. Zena helped us get through the worse of the pandemic, one game of fetch at a time.

Starting A New Adventure

Living through the pandemic gave us a new perspective on life: let's pursue our dreams today not tomorrow. We wanted to start a small business of our own, that's when Little Comfy Goods was born.

Happily Ever After

After 12 years of dating, most of it long distance, we finally tied the knot.

It was the most beautifully special moment of our lives.

How It's Going

2 years later, we continue reaching our business milestones while learning how to best uplift each other every step of the way. We are endlessly grateful for all the support, we really couldn't have done it will support from people like you. Thank you!