Sticker Combo Packs

Can't decided between a few stickers? Check out these sticker combo packs. These are the stickers most often purchased together and look great next to each other!


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Adventure Seeker PackAdventure Seeker Pack
Adventure Seeker Pack Sale price$15.00
Emotional Support PackEmotional Support Pack
Emotional Support Pack Sale price$6.50
Artistic PackArtistic Pack
Artistic Pack Sale price$15.00
Camping Life PackCamping Life Pack
Camping Life Pack Sale price$6.50
Kind Human PackKind Human Pack
Kind Human Pack Sale price$4.50
Earth Advocate (Bee Yellow) PackEarth Advocate (Bee Yellow) Pack
Earth Advocate (Plum Purple) PackEarth Advocate (Plum Purple) Pack
Alocasia Family PackAlocasia Family Pack
Alocasia Family Pack Sale price$9.50
Snake Plant Family PackSnake Plant Family Pack
Snake Plant Family Pack Sale price$9.50
Peace Lily Family PackPeace Lily Family Pack
Peace Lily Family Pack Sale price$9.50
Pilea Family Pack
Pilea Family Pack Sale price$9.50
Cactus Family PackCactus Family Pack
Cactus Family Pack Sale price$4.50
ZZ Plant Family PackZZ Plant Family Pack
ZZ Plant Family Pack Sale price$9.50
Monstera Family PackMonstera Family Pack
Monstera Family Pack Sale price$4.50
Leafy Plants PackLeafy Plants Pack
Leafy Plants Pack Sale price$9.50
The Original 3 PackThe Original 3 Pack
The Original 3 Pack Sale price$9.00
Those Who Wander PackThose Who Wander Pack
Those Who Wander Pack Sale price$9.50